Resource Assistants

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Resource Assistants

A resource assistant can put you in touch with aids and services to improve your quality of life after major changes or struggles. The experts at Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC in Houston, Texas, provide resource assistance options like housing, nutritional food, and job training so you can focus on improving your mental health and overall well-being. Call Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC or schedule an appointment online to find out how a resource assistant can help you today.

Resource Assistants Q & A

What are resource assistants?

Resource assistants are adjacent to counselors and other professionals at Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC. They can coordinate multiple components within your comprehensive self-growth plan and help you reach various goals related to your well-being. 

The professionals see the growth potential in every one of their clients. A resource assistant can help you access necessities, public services, and other important aids so you can thrive. 

Many people work with a resource assistant as they receive mental or behavioral health care and counseling. During your initial in-person or virtual evaluation, your provider identifies your needs, helps you set goals, and begins to coordinate your comprehensive care plan. 

When might I need help from a resource assistant?

A resource assistant can be a valuable addition to your rehabilitative care plan under a variety of circumstances. 

While you may benefit from resource assistance as you go through mental or behavioral health care, they can also help if you:

  • Come from a low-income household
  • Have legal troubles
  • Were recently discharged from a corrective facility
  • Were recently discharged from rehab
  • Have unstable housing
  • Experience food insecurity
  • Don’t have transportation
  • Need a job
  • Struggle with substance abuse or addiction

Virtual services are available from Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC to give you easier access to the available resources. For example, if you don’t have reliable transportation to come to the office, you can complete a virtual visit using a phone or video call instead. 

How can a resource assistant help me?

Your resource assistant or social worker at Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC can participate in your care plan alongside mental health experts, primary care physicians, counselors, and peer support specialists. 


The additional services you can access from a resource assistant include:


  • Housing (e.g. homeless shelters, group homes)
  • Court-ordered classes
  • Nutritious meals
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Social training
  • Job training and assistance
  • Transportation
  • Recreational activities

Your resource assistant evaluates your needs and makes personalized recommendations. They can help put you in contact with the necessary providers and services based on your reasons for seeking assistance. 

For more information on resource assistants and how they can help you get your life back on track, call Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC or book an appointment online today.